Do you offer hotel discounts?

Yes! We negotiate cheaper rates and reserve a block of rooms with hotels closest to the convention locations. Choose your convention below to see a list of partnering hotels who offer discounted rates for Great Homeschool Convention attendees. Book early—rooms sell out quickly!

Do you offer a Children’s Program?

Yes. Giant Cow Ministries (formerly Children’s Conferences International) is a separate organization that provides a VBS-style children’s program. This program is optional. A separate registration fee is required for your child to attend this program. Find more information or register your child/children here. Giant Cow Ministries accepts children ages 3–12. Please note that all pre-schoolers must be fully potty-trained to participate.

Will I be able to buy recordings of the Seminar & Workshop sessions?

Yes! As a convenience for those who attend our conventions, most sessions will be recorded and will be available for purchase on-site during each specific convention. Recordings are not, however, available after the convention or via mail order.

Do I have to sign up to attend speaking sessions?

No. Speaking sessions are on a first-come, first-seated basis.

Please note: If a session is full, i.e. no seats are available, the session will be closed to additional attendees. By order of the fire marshal, sitting on the floor will not be permitted. Please choose another session to attend.

Are strollers allowed?

Yes, but not double-wide or side-by-side strollers, as these take up too much space in the aisles of the exhibit hall. By order of the fire marshal, strollers are not allowed in speaking sessions or in special event ballrooms.

Do you offer any scholarships in order to attend the convention at no charge?

Yes, we have working scholarships that also help us with our huge need for volunteers. In fact, nobody has ever been turned away that was willing to volunteer for part of the convention in order to also attend part of the convention at no charge. If you are interested in a volunteer position at one of the Great Homeschool Convention, please fill out this form. Learn more of the details about volunteering here.

I can’t attend all three days of the convention. Do I have to pay for all three days?

Yes, convention registration is for the entire convention. This is by design. It is extremely affordable, and is intended to encourage you, your spouse, and your teens to participate throughout the entire convention. You will not find a more affordable Homeschool Convention anywhere in the United States! It is conceivable that you might find a marginally “cheaper” convention somewhere, but it won’t be a convention that provides the same Exhibit Hall selection, seminar & workshop variety, outstanding speaker roster, Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track, and more that are available to you when you attend a Great Homeschool Convention.

Can a grandparent or grandparents attend as a part of the Family Registration?


Is there an additional charge for the Real Faith for the Real World teen track?

Yes, there is a nominal $5 per teen fee for the Real Faith for the Real World teen track. This helps us with crowd control, and defrays a small portion of the honorarium costs we incur by bringing in these truly world-class speakers. (Similar events with these same speakers are often priced $40–60 per ticket.) Parents who wish to attend these sessions are encouraged to do so. There is no additional charge for any parents choosing to monitor any of these sessions.

Do you offer refunds?

Just as there are no refunds for tickets to a sporting event, concert or similar event, we do not offer refunds.

To inquire about transferring your registration to another individual or family, please email us.

For other customer service issues or questions, please email us.

Is there any charge for infants or very young children?

No. Registration is not required for infants through 4 years old. Infants through age 4 are included at no charge as a part of either an Individual or Family Registration. Please note: infants and very young children do need a ticket to attend any of the special events. If you have children ages five and older that you wish to bring along with you, you will need to purchase a Family Registration. You may also choose to enroll your child or children (ages 3–12 at the Southeast, Texas, or Midwest events, and ages 6–12 at the California event) in the optional children’s conference, hosted by Giant Cow Ministries. An additional registration fee is required. You may register for the children’s conference here. Children participating in the children’s conference must be fully potty-trained. For nursing mothers: if you’d like the location of the dedicated nursing mom’s room, please ask at the information desk.

Are children allowed to attend?

Yes! If you choose to bring your children and not enroll them in the optional children’s program, you may freely do so as a part of your Family Registration. Please note: we do require that all fussy and crying babies and children be removed immediately from any speaking session or from the exhibit hall so as not to ruin the convention experience for those around you. If you have a disruptive child and do not take the child out, you will be asked to do so by convention staff. All children ages 11 and under must be accompanied at all times by one of their own parents. There is an optional children’s conference, hosted by Giant Cow Ministries (ages 3–12 at the Southeast, Texas, or Midwest events, and ages 6–12 at the California event). An additional registration fee is required. You may register for the children’s conference here. Children participating in the children’s conference must be fully potty-trained.

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