Brandy Vencel

Brandy Vencel

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Brandy Vencel first heard about Charlotte Mason when her children were tiny (and some as yet unborn). It was a divine appointment. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy sung to her soul; it was everything she didn’t know she wanted to know. Brandy was given a six-volume set of Charlotte Mason’s works for her 27th birthday. Those books are now falling apart at the seams from years of reading them over and over again.

These days, Brandy is a Christian wife and mom to four children ages 9–15. She believes in the Charlotte Mason method even more than before, now that she’s taught this way for over a decade. Her passionate interest in educational philosophy is evident wherever you find her:

Brandy is the creator of the study guide Start Here: A Journey Through Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles.

Charlotte Mason’s Secret to Successfully Leading Your Homeschool

As homeschool moms, we don’t always think of ourselves as leaders, and yet here we are with numerous young people looking to us for their education. In this session, we learn something seemingly magical: a non-confrontational, simple approach to leading our children with wisdom.

Start Here: Charlotte Mason in One Hour

When Charlotte Mason distilled her immense educational philosophy into a concise form (“20 Principles”), she was forced to highlight only the essentials. In this session, we will discover the internal logic of the 20 principles and how they fit together as a comprehensive whole, how they serve to balance one another, and how so many of our educational mistakes result from focusing on some of the principles while neglecting others.

Thoroughly Christian Education: Charlotte Mason Meets Thomas Aquinas

Charlotte Mason encouraged her teachers to ponder a certain Spanish fresco every Sunday afternoon. She believed the characters in this grand painting could impart much wisdom in regard to education, and she wanted all parents to experience this “Great Recognition.” Join us for an intimate look at the fresco, and have your own great recognition of divine knowledge and virtue!

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Cultivating Your Child’s Affinities

Charlotte Mason said that at the end of a child’s education, it doesn’t matter how much a youth knows but rather how much he cares, and how many orders of things he cares about. This was a revolutionary idea for her time! In this session, we will discuss the two aspects of love in education, why care is a good test of an education’s success or failure, what we expect students to care about, and what we can do to help develop our students’ affinities.